Defeat Wolverine (1) - Fortnite Wolverine Challenges

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Defeat Wolverine (1) - All Locations Easy Challenge Guide - Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 - Week 6 Challenge Guide. Video quality is (1080p 60 FPS.) Support a creator code: AkiVsTheWorld. #EpicPartner

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This challenge will be difficult. That's because a lot of people will land in Weeping Woods and Wolverine is quite tough. By enabling 'Visualize Sound Effects' you should be able to track his footsteps quite easily. Make sure to get a weapon for long range and try to keep your distance. If you go up several floors, Wolverine will stop moving and you can easily damage him!


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 - All Wolverine Challenges

Investigate Mysterious Claw Marks (3)

Find the Loading Screen at a Quinjet Patrol Site (1)

Find Wolverine's Trophy in Dirty Docks (1)

Launch Off All Sentinel Hands Without Touching the Ground (6)

Locate a Trask Transport Truck (1)

Defeat Wolverine (3)


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